Over the years the product lines have varied with the market demand from the original fibre board box that held cheese and pails that held candy to all fibre drums that hold anything from cheese to zinc and to lever lock drums that items such as meat, dry goods and hazardous waste products. Fibre barrels are an economical way to store and ship almost anything you are able to think of, even being utilized to store fluorescent tubes for recycling companies.

Today, continued efforts to improve the current lines as well as to research and develop new products contribute to the strong growth of The Master Package Corporation. Of interest to customers is that in addition to its regular lines of fibre barrels, The Master Package Corporation offers individual attention to specialized drum needs and has its own truck line so we can provide fast, efficient and economical deliveries for your truckload orders. We are also more than happy to work with your carrier or other common carriers, as you see fit.

The Master Package Corporation Factory


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