Protective Packaging: Standard or Customized

The Master Package Corporation has been producing paper-based all-fibre containers since the early 1920s. The products and process of making them have improved over the years but the benefits of these containers have remained constant for nearly 100 years – they provide shippers a lightweight, but sturdy, and leak-proof container solution able to withstand the rigors of shipping, loading, and unloading. Because they are made of fibre, they are a fraction of the cost of polyethylene and steel containers, and due to their lightweight construction are less expensive to ship.

Today, we manufacture two different types of barrels:

  1. “Master” All Fibre Shipping Barrels – These drums are made entirely out of paper, including the cover. They are made completely in house, taking rolls of paper stock and convert it into a drum with a lid.
  2. “Master” Lever Lock Fibre Barrels – The Lever Lock line features a steel band on the bottom and top of the barrel and features a ring and locking mechanism for the rim, which can be made of steel, all-fibre, plastic, or whatever the customer needs. It is also available in a variety of moisture barriers and liners.

Easy Handling

In addition, when shipping empty containers to our customers, the containers can nest inside each other to allow for convenient transport and storage at customer facilities. They can be shipped loose or on pallets, depending on the needs of our individual customers on the receiving end.

Our lightweight barrels provide the bonus of being easier to handle on the receiving end, whereas steel containers are also more difficult to handle due to their weight and can cause damage to floors. These containers, and others, like plastic or steel, must be returned for re-use, but with The Master Package’s fibre containers, they can be either discarded or voluntarily recycled for paper.

Customizable to Your Specific Needs

The Master Package Corporation offers standard barrels, but we can also tweak existing barrels or fully customize them to accommodate customers’ specific requirements, which can include adding more ply to strengthen the weight capacity, integrating moisture barriers, adding liners, changing diameters and height, and developing the covers needed to protect the customers’ contents. We immerse ourselves into your business to understand your needs and provide the solutions to best fit your requirements.

We steadily support the Midwest but can ship orders anywhere across the country. We have large customers from Idaho, to Oklahoma, Texas, New Jersey and elsewhere. We are happy to work with customers of all sizes and accepts orders of both large and small quantities – from a partial truckload to dozens of truckloads.

Our No. 1 goal is to provide you the utmost in customer service and top-quality products. As a family owned and operated business, relationships are our lifeblood. We promise to deliver a quality product that is second to none. As your shipping container provider, we will be reliable, ultra-efficient, and get the job done right. Contact us today to learn how The Master Package Corporation can help you.